Have You Tried the 3 Step Blitz to Weight Loss?

Most popular diets concentrate on one or two aspects of healthy lifestyle but neglect to give you the whole picture. If you are serious about fast healthy weight loss the '3 step blitz' will have the pounds dropping off in no time.

Healthy eating diets and exercise workout regimes are very good at controlling calorie input and output which are vital for healthy weight loss, but to make the most of weight loss programs it is important to detox your system. Following a detox diet can help lose up to twice as much weight.

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For the '3 step blitz' and faster weight loss simply follow these steps:

Step1. Detox - the liver is the body's filter, and for the liver to function properly it needs to be free from toxins. By removing toxins from your system your liver will be able to absorb vitamins and minerals better and also help to burn body fat faster. Most detox diets last for a specified amount of time of 14 to 21 days and concentrate on removing processed foods, alcohol and caffeine from the diet completely. Apart from enabling your body to burn up to twice as much body fat, following a detox diet will also improve your energy levels, improve your sleep and also improve your mental alertness.

Step2. Healthy Eating Diet - The key to healthy long term weight loss is reducing calorie intake through eating the right foods. Find a diet that focuses on reducing calorie intake while at the same time maintaining a healthy metabolism by eating enough of the right foods. Remember 'starvation' diets DO NOT work in the long term, all they achieve is short term weight loss and a slowing of the body's metabolism which then leads to weight gain.

Step 3. Fat Loss Workout - The last step of the weight loss blitz is to find a fat loss workout program that you are comfortable with. By following an exercise program on a regular basis you will increase the amount of calories your burn on a daily basis. Regular exercise also has the added benefit of speeding up metabolism. The science of weight loss regimes has come a long way in the last few years, if you have a busy life and don't have enough time to visit a gym (or just don't want to) find a program that focuses on interval training - these programs can take as little as 15 minutes per day.

So if you want to burn body fat and lose weight fast follow the 3 step blitz - flush out your system with a detox program, then reduce your calorie intake with a healthy diet and lastly burn more calories with a good fat loss workout program.

If you start today you could lose as much as 10lb in 2 weeks the healthy way, a great start to a new lean you!

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