3 Super Quick Weight Loss Tips That Help You Quickly Lose Weight

We all reach that point when we are ready to lose the weight NOW! This article helps you get the weight off quickly by sharing 3 super quick weight loss tips. These tips will jump start your diet and get you moving in the most effective way.

1. Exercise smart for maximum results. All exercise is not created equal when your goal is quick weight loss. To get the fastest results add peaks of high intensity to your aerobic workout session. Warm up for 5 minutes at a slow pace then take a few minutes to amp up until you are working a maximum effort and then spend a few minutes at a moderate pace before charging up again.

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2. Get your diet off to a fast start. One of the best quick weight loss tips that will have you seeing results within days is to jump start your diet by shifting your carbohydrate intake. Simply finish eating your carbohydrate foods by lunchtime and switch to proteins and veggies in the afternoon and evening.

The benefits will be a quick release of water weight and also you will make your body more efficient at burning body fat for energy since it will not have carbohydrates to burn.

3. Keep your calories low but learn how to "cheat". The last thing you expect to work for weight loss is cheating but it is what you need to keep your fat burning metabolism running strong. The problem with keeping your calories low for a long time is that your body reads this as starvation and puts the brakes on your metabolism.

You can outsmart your body by adding one high calorie "cheat meal" to your low calorie week. This convinces the body that there is food available and it jumps your metabolism back into gear. Your body will hold a bit of water from your meal but your higher metabolism will easily wash this away.

Use these 3 super quick weight loss tips to get the results you want fast.

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