Why Slow Weight Loss is Better Than Fast Weight Loss

When thinking about losing weight, a lot of people believe it's realistic to lose a pound or more every couple of days and will, as a result lose all of their excess weight within a few weeks at the most. It's no wonder this myth exists simply due to the sheer number of advertisements that promise their products will melt the pounds away quickly. Americans do not like to wait for results and these alleged quick weight fixes target that impatience.

People who want to lose pounds very quickly will almost always discover that they can't. In fact, the products that promise to shed the pounds in a matter of days end up decreasing your metabolism instead. By consuming an extremely low number of calories, the weight should be melting off, but it isn't working as advertised. Even if you see a measured amount of success with these alleged miracle products, you will eventually gain it all back. With quick fixes, a great portion of pounds lost is all water, which is easily put back on.

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Even if the promised quick fixes are alluring, a gradual weight loss is a better way to shed the pounds. By slowing down your rate of loss, you can probably count on keeping the pounds off forever. If you can locate a program that is in harmony with your body, rather than pulling against it, your weight loss can possibly be permanent, assuming you make your new habits a permanent part of your life.

This kind of weight loss is not glorious, so you must maintain a good attitude throughout the entire process. A good guideline is to shed about 1-2 pounds every 7 days. If you try to lose more than 1-2 lbs each week, you could experience some disagreeable adverse reactions. Since your body is in a constant state of change, the number of pounds you will lose on a weekly basis will fluctuate. That number will also be affected by how often you work out as well.

Make sure that in addition to your food intake and workout routine, you are consuming an adequate amount of water as well. Water is essential to rid your body of undesirable poisons, and keep you from becoming dehydrated when working out. Your skin should also clear up, and that is an external advantage to water that is in addition to all the good things it does inside of you.

Ultimately, you must refrain from going on any diet that promises fast weight loss in order to make a permanent change in your life and maintain your weight loss for a long time, if not forever. They do not really want to see you lose the weight, but just want to make money. Gradual weight loss really is better than quick weight loss, so stay on course and before you know it, you will have lost all the weight you wanted and will be able to keep it off as well.

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